Better Than A Hotel Room

People often ask what is better: Staying in a Hotel/Motel room or an RV Park…Read Below to find out…

In addition, if you are traveling with a pet staying in an RV park is going to be better than staying in a hotel because hotels do not allow pets and they charge you if they find out you brought them anyways.

When you stay at an RV park your neighbors are usually friendly and helpful people that are fun to hang out with. Most RV parks offer activities like Happy Hour and potlucks that help you get to know the people around you. RV campers have more of a sense of community and are much friendlier than stuffy hotel guests. (That has been our guests feedback).

If you are traveling with children, their experience staying in an RV Park will be much more memorable than staying in a stuffy Motel/Hotel room. Plus, many RV Parks have amenities that cater to children, like playgrounds, pools, game rooms…etc…

The main reason to stay in an RV park is obvious: you’re traveling in your house. You have your kitchen, your living room, your bathroom, and your bedroom all with you wherever you go. Hotels are nice enough, but they aren’t home. After spending another day out seeing the sights, it’s great to come back to your own place and watch TV or read a book instead of going out to dinner at some restaurant where you don’t know anyone.

The biggest reason that staying in an RV Park that trumps staying in a hotel room, is you do not have to worry about the things inside that room that doesn’t get cleaned…For example – who knows when the last time the bed spread was washed…(not a pleasant image) or when the T.V. remote was sanitized last…Or, if the bed has bed bugs, or other type of insects! Most hotel/motels, do only the basics in cleaning the rooms. Think about it, with staff shortages nationwide, there are less employees to clean a lot of rooms, and they have to have them done by the time the next guests check in. So if a bed looks barely slept in…they probably just make it up and move to the next one.

As far as amenities go…You can find similar amenities at an RV Park that you will find at any Hotel/Motel…At RV Big Spring – (Powered by Elite Cabins and RV Park) You’ll find a covered playground for the kids, Elite Clubhouse featuring a business center for your work needs, fenced dog park for your dog to run and get some exercise, warm showers if you want to conserve your RV water supply, pool tables for entertainment and much…much more!!

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