For me, the first Bowl-A-Rama was Big Spring, TX. I saw my first Bowl-A-Rama in 1972 with my father. We went to Big Spring Bowl-A-Rama in Big Spring, TX.
[We] played Strike-Out Bowling. Strike-Out Bowling is bowling with skittles. You throw a strike and you get a skittle. First game was 100 points. Second game was 150 points. Third game was 200 points. [We won] the first game. [We] lost the second game. [We] won the third game.
My dad threw 31 strikes in a row. He threw 31 strikes in a row in one weekend.
Bowl-A-Rama was fun. It was fun because we got to play Strike-Out Bowling. My dad threw 31 strikes in a row.
Bowl-A-Rama was fun because there were a lot of people there. Bowl-A-Rama was fun because there was food and drink. Bowl-A-Rama was fun because we got to play Strike-Out Bowling. Bowl-A-Rama was fun because I got to play Strike-Out Bowling.

The Bowl-A-Rama in Big Spring was a small, local chain of bowling alleys in Texas. It began in 1973, when two brothers, Bill and Roy Jones, took a chance and opened the first one, in Big Spring. They had little money but a lot of ambition.

The Bowl-a-rama, in West Texas, is a large amusement park. The Bowl-a-rama opened in 1960 and is still going strong.

For all the miles between Dallas and Austin, there is nowhere better to spend a Sunday afternoon.
The Bowl-a-rama is a bowling alley, pure and simple, with 60 lanes, a laser light show, a 16-screen movie theater, and a Texas-size serving of fried food. But it is also much more than that: a theme park, a shopping mall, a movie palace, and an engineering marvel.
It opened in Austin in 1985. Built on 200 acres, it stretches half a mile between two hills, with 28 buildings, including a giant spaceship, six roller coasters, and a mile-long ropes-and-zip-line course.
A guest’s first visit to the Bowl-a-rama is overwhelming. There are places where you check in, places where you rent shoes or T-shirts, places where you buy food, and places where you pay to watch a movie.
There are also places where you get out of the bowling alley. The Laser Dome has giant screens that project movies. The World of Motion, a simulation of a roller-coaster ride, has four floors of thrills.
You spend most of your time inside the bowling alley. There are snack bars and vending machines everywhere, and you can watch bowling from the windows above the lanes.

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