What’s Best: Gas/Electric/Hybrid RV?

I see a fair number of RVs on the road and none of them are electric. I’ve seen one Tesla Model X towing an Airstream trailer and a few converted Tesla’s but that’s it. From what I could find on the internet, there’s only two companies currently making RVs with an electric drivetrain. Since gas […]

Better Than A Hotel Room

People often ask what is better: Staying in a Hotel/Motel room or an RV Park…Read Below to find out… In addition, if you are traveling with a pet staying in an RV park is going to be better than staying in a hotel because hotels do not allow pets and they charge you if they […]

5 Tips for Renting an RV…

Are you in the procedure of planning a cross-country journey to see the United States firsthand? Or, are you thinking of planning a cross country journey to visit loved ones? You might want to consider traveling by Recreational vehicle if you are. There are a number of advantages to taking a trip by way of […]